We Interviewed Illustrator @GrandYuric

We interviewed illustrator @GrandYuric

1. What made you want to be an illustrator?

I wanted to make art ever since I’ve been in Kinderarten. When I was kid I didn’t really hang out with the others Instead preferring to draw. Back then I didn’t have the Urge to make Friends. From that point I really got into drawing. Some years later I watched Animes Like Jojo and Fist of the North Star which Heavily Inspired my art Style and Character Design. Around 2014 I also got into a little Web-comic called Homestuck. from there I got into writing my own Stories and to flesh out my characters rather than just designs. In fact, my two Oldest OCs Are Lucas and Silvia, They Originally Started out as Homestuck OCs , but after a while they became their own thing.

2. What is your biggest inspiration?

Like I Stated before my Biggest Inspiration was JoJo , But I also was inspired by Online artist such as Ikimaru and Conto, who were the main inspiration behind how I draw faces. while the characters Clothes are mostly inspired by Fist of the North Star

3. Advice for newer artists?

If new artists want to make what I do (which is mostly character Designs and Comics) I’d say a good place to start would be to Learn about Human Anatomy. No matter the art style ,It’s always good to have somewhat of a grip on it. Once your confident in your Anatomy knowledge, you can then stylize the character’s appearance. Another place would be perspective since without it the drawing will look “Flat” and “unalive”

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