The Relics of RWBY and What We Know

There are some things in RWBY that have been built up. From Silver Eyed Warriors, to the revel of the Spring Maiden, to even Salem doing something besides be in her castle. One thing that has my mind wondering is the Relics. We know that the Relics are: Creation, Destruction, Knowledge and Choice and they are sealed in Vaults that only a Maiden can open and if they are all in the same space, the gods will judge humanity. This is what this article is going to be about.

To start with, the first one we see in the show, the Relic of Knowledge. We know that if you say Jinn, the Relic activates by Jinn coming out of the Relic, and you ask any question and Jinn will tell you the answer. The catch is you get three questions and when they run out, you have to wait 100 years to ask again. Jinn is a reference to the Genie in the Lamp. We know this because her name is another name for genie. So, it’s the genie and it’s lamp, that’s all right? No! There is an actual symbol known as the Lamp of Knowledge. What the Lamp symbolizes is mainly life, but it can also symbolize knowledge

Then we see the Relic of Creation. The Relic of Creation is what is supporting Atlas above Mantle, though Atlas told the public that it is high amounts of Gravity Dust. Now, this is a bit tougher to understand because we have only seen it be used as a power source for Atlas flying. We don’t know what it can do or what the catch about it is. We know the Relic of Knowledge has a catch with the three questions.

Now there is a third relic we have seen, but not in the show proper. In the book RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant, we see the Relic of Choice. We see it in a form of a Fairy Tale from the world of RWBY. We know this from the book having notes from Ozpin himself and that some stories are recorded by Goodwitch and Doctor Oobleck. In the story of the Indecisive King, the King is gifted a crown that lets him see the outcome of his choices, as he tries to find what the right choice. Now it ends with a woman locking the crown away in a Vault. We know the Relics are locked away in their own Vault, and the Maidens are the only ones who can open and close Vaults.

The final Relic is the Sword of Destruction. This is the vaguest Relic so far. We only know its silhouette and that it is destroys. We do not know HOW it destroys, but we know it IS a sword. I know that’s not a whole lot to go off of, but that’s all we have so far.
In closing, I can’t wait to see the full potential of the other relics. Plus, it is interesting thinking about the influence these items have had on the world of Remnant.

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