Swag Bears Review

A new pack of bears enter the Polygon Network NFT metaverse forest. Swag Bears NFT. But what makes these bears so different then every other NFT? This project is using their resources to help real life bears and help removing trash from the ocean. Let’s chat about their design. 

There are 8.888 bears in the metaverse forest. Each bear has its own traits and characteristics. There are 9 different trait characters with 120 traits! There are over 13 billion Swag Bear NFT combinations! You may see a bear wearing a hat and a mask or one with laser eyes or bubble gum! These NFTs are perfect for any collector looking to expand their NFT gallery. 

How are they helping the world? “Every Swag Bears NFT minted will remove 10 pounds of trash from the ocean! We will be donating $10 to teamseas.org every Swag Bear minted plus an additional $25,000 at 40% minted. This will equal out to 113,000 pounds of trash that will be removed from our oceans.” This incredible project is making the world a better place day by day. 

Are you interested in learning more about Swag Bears NFT? Be sure to check out all of their social media, website, and their discord! 

Website: https://www.swagbears.com

Discord: http://discord.gg/HFMeTBUj8E

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwagBearsNFT

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