Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 3 Analysis

In episode 3 of Steven Universe, both Steven and the audience learn the important lesson of being able to help despite not having the same abilities as everyone else. Many of us now the pain of not being able to help or just not being able to do something in general because of something that seems to set us back. We see in episode 3 that Steven knows this pain all too well and yet he still strives to help out however he can with what he has. Even if he can’t use his gem yet and help in a more grand way like the others his role is still vital.

Steven helps by providing inspiration, doing smaller things such as carrying vital items to their mission and even finding his own unique ways to fulfill bigger duties. Our limits don’t may interfere with our ability to do certain things but they don’t have to stop us. We just need to think on our feet and find ways to work with and around our limits. This also serves to highlight the fact that smaller acts can be and often are just as vital as the larger acts.

You can’t light a fire without rubbing 2 sticks together or pressing the button on a lighter, you can’t cook food for the hungry without doing the seemingly menial task of gathering the ingredients. Regardless of your limits, there is always some way to contribute and in a way, only you can.

There are things that only Steven can do that the other gems can’t and without him, they wouldn’t be able to complete their mission in the grand scheme. Our limits present a unique opportunity to offer help in ways only we know how and remember that any limit can be surpassed. However, while surpassing our limits is always possible we also need to learn to work with our current limits until then? Will you learn to do this like Steven or will you wait for a change that isn’t going to come unless you make it?

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