NYCC 2021: The Boys Cast Share Some Fun Moments On Set

The Boys have made a splash on Amazon Prime, becoming one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows thanks in no large part to the amazing cast. At New York Comic-Con, some of them made a visit to greet the fans as they reunited to share their stories shooting the series. Cast members Antony Starr, Chace Crawford, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, and Erin Moriarty came together at a panel to discuss their time filming The Boys with some embarrassing moments from the set.

As we wait for the return of The Boys for season three, some of the cast appeared on stage for a panel to look back at some of the best moments on set. The cast discussed the audition process when the series was first in development. Quaid spoke about his audition, revealing that he had to read lines with producer Seth Rogen playing as Butcher. What was hilarious was Quaid’s own impression of Karl Urban, who played Butcher in the series. The panel was also asked about wearing the costumes, which Starr quickly answered how much of a nightmare it was to put on the Homelander outfit. Quaid and Fukuhara shared their envy of Starr since their outfits were usually covered in blood.

As The Deep, Crawford offered some funny conversations about his time getting into the costume and the prosthetic for the character’s gills. Speaking of gills, the actor shared an interesting tidbit that originally Helen Mirren was going to voice his gills before the part went to Patton Oswalt. Crawford ended up joking about the cult his character joins and their obsession with Fresca. He learned of its meaning from showrunner Eric Kripke but still doesn’t understand what it is. 

The girls in the panel chatted about some challenges they faced onset and the fun stuff they got to do. Fukuhara spoke about being able to learn sign language for her character Kimiko, saying how challenging it was to do it on screen. Moriarty had a similar story where she spoke about learning to bowl for a scene in the first season with Quaid and impressing everyone on set when she was able to knock all the pins down. We also learned that Moriarty actually did sing “Never Truly Vanquished” during the first season since she had a background in music. 

Moriarty and Fukuhara went into the powerful fight sequence they did in the second season finale, especially what went into the ADR booth as they recited some of the episode’s most memorable lines. The two ladies went on to say how much fun it was getting to work with Aya Cash, who played Stormfront. Starr also discussed his time working with the actress, saying that their love scenes would usually end up in laughter after a few takes.

Even though we didn’t get any new information from the upcoming third season of The Boys, we are still hyped to see it hopefully during 2022. 

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