NFTs, Magic Shroomies Collection and Raising Awareness on Autism

NFTs aren’t just an art form or a new trend. And while there’s NFT collectors and people who aren’t educated on the subject, one thing is certain: NFTs, like most art, are all about self-expression. Many artists from around the world have been getting into the hype behind NFTs. From mangakas to charities, there’s no telling who will be next to jump into this creative world. All Ages of Geek has dipped our toe into the NFT space before diving in. On our recent virtual venture we discovered Magic Shroomies. But what makes them so important?

Magic Shroomies focuses on the celebration of uniqueness. Wavycap, the Founder used her personal story as an inspiration when launching Magic Shroomies. Her brother John, has Autism and ADHD. 

Autism is a developmental disability that affects how an individual communicates and senses the world around them. For Wavycap, growing up with John was both enriching and challenging. Through the creative power of NFTs, John’s story could be told, but also inspire many lives ahead.

This NFT collection captures that enrichment. Each Shroomie has a colorful, expressive design from the outfits they wear, the accessory they hold to even the patterns on their mushroom caps. The celebration of uniqueness helps spread awareness with those with developmental disabilities. It helps everyone see that self-expression is what keeps the world from being dull or boring. Not only do these NFT’s have unique designs, but they also carry an important message about acceptance, something the world needs to put into practice every day. 

All of the Magic Shroomies are one of a kind with over 138 hand illustrated traits. Due to how the Magic Shroomies advocates individuals with Autism and ADHD and empowers them, All Ages of Geek encourages you to check them out! The message is inspiring and helps educate and raise awareness. We would love you to do more research on the Autism Community to educate yourself further about what Magic Shroomies is fighting for. Acceptance. Love. Individuality. And the freedom of self-expression.

On October 22nd at 9PM EST Magic Shroomies will be having a pre-sale, be sure to join their Discord server for details and updates! Join HERE. The public sale will be launching on October 24th at 9PM EST! Be sure to check out their website to stay up to date with these unique NFT’s. Check them out HERE!

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