Excelshortcut Releases Data Defender Coming on September 21

Want to learn in a fun new way while also playing a video game? Believe in edutainment, the power of play and STEM learning? Coming soon to the internet on September 21, brought to you by Excelshortcut, is Data Defender, a NEW game that will teach you all about Excel and all its mighty business powers! 

Excelshortcut is the place to be if you want to learn all about Excel spreadsheets! Their goal is to help guide new users in the right direction while they take their first step into excel spreadsheets. As well as refresh expert users on their excel spreadsheet skills! This website is designed for ALL skill levels! On their website you can learn all about shortcuts, top formulas and even discover blog posts all about Excel. Excelshortcut will show the internet the importance of game based learning with the release of Data Defender!

You can learn Excel shortcuts the regular way, and easily get frustrated. From not knowing about tables or grids, formatting, basic and advanced spreadsheet writing, there’s a lot that can go wrong when working on spreadsheets. This can even affect your everyday life at school and work! That’s where Data Defender comes into play. Not only are players able to have fun taking out bad guys and learning new controls, but they learn new real world tech advice too. 

Now with everyone working at home because of the state of the world, excel spreadsheets are no mystery to the human norm. Many jobs require you to know how to use excel now-a-days! Even Google has their own Google Sheets which are similar in technique to Excel. Data Defender is the perfect game for those who want to learn but in a way that doesn’t add to your daily tasks and calendar.

Data Defender not only teaches you the ropes of Excel, you also get to immerse yourself with the characters! Cartoon-like character designs make it easy for you to forget you are learning, making the game easy to enjoy. You follow Sam, the defender of the data grids and his adventure while he stops the destructive bots! Easy to follow directions, and amazing 8-bit music that most gamers are familiar with, this game has it all.

Players of Data Defender will be able to compete in the LeaderBoard, where they can compare their scores to other players. If you love a competition this is perfect for you! This addition to the game will encourage players to come back and beat their personal scores. Since it is a game that focuses on education, this score will help players keep track of their progress because they will be able to see their growth each time they play. It is similar to a report card, but let’s the player compete with themselves and others across the internet! 

With the release on September 21, fans of Data Defender can expect even more than a game. Data Defender will also be releasing original merch designs that fans will be able to purchase in the future. Data Defender is the perfect game for anyone who wants to learn more about excel. A perfect way to learn as well as alleviate study stress with the power of game based learning. Students with finals to study for, recent college graduates looking for a job, and even just someone who wants to learn more about excel spreadsheets should 100% keep August 14th on their calendar. 

Don’t miss out on adding more edutainment and technology games to your life. Add Data Defender to your gaming library. Learn Excel for a better tomorrow and more organized way of life.

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