eBlitz: The Next BIG App Gamers Need!

Hey Gamers! Do you ever have a hard time finding fun players to play your favorite game with? Do you hate playing with toxic players online? Is it hard to connect with your team in chat when you are trying to start a game? If you answered yes to any of these questions eBlitz has the perfect solution for you with their amazing app. But how does it work? 


“eBlitz is what the LFG experience should be. We provide instant matchmaking for community-vetted gamers. We help everyone find fun and reliable players, start a team chat and seamlessly enter the game lobby, all done in a few seconds. If you are looking for a new gaming buddy to play with (competitive or casual), organizing gaming tournaments, or want to play viewer games on your stream, eBlitz is the perfect place for you.”

An easy to use app available on both the App Store and Google Play eBlitz is the next big app that you need to check out today. But why eBlitz? This app has easy to use swiping mechanics that allows you to view players online looking for a team to play Battle Royale games and even some of  your favorite multiplayer games. There you can find information about each player and perhaps find your perfect match! eBlitz has one goal and that is to make finding a gaming partner smooth and easy. Avoiding toxic players online can be very difficult however their easy to use app makes finding gaming partners fast and proficient! 

Because eBlitz includes a feature where each player is rated out of 5 stars it is easy to avoid toxic or unfair players. Your voice is heard and your feedback is important to keep non-toxic players off the platform. A friendly gaming community is what eBlitz is looking to build. Alongside their rating system they also offer a voice chat option! Players will have access to an instant Discord team chat, making communication with your newly found team easy. You will also have access to Discords text chat option where you can chat with your team, send memes, emojis and other cool stuff across Discord! You can even create your own profile with your information to find the perfect team member. You can set your availability so other players know when to contact you. 

eBlitz Features include: 

– make a profile with avatar/image, bio, location, availability

– see stats and rating

– skip or match with any player

– private discord voice and text channel for every team/chat messaging options

– add friends

We recommend all Gamers to check out what eBlitz has in store for you. Not only will it help you avoid those pesky toxic gamers but you will be forming meaningful relationships with gamers around the world! eBlitz is the next big app that will create a safe space for gamers. Be sure to check out all of their links to learn more! Do not hesitate, download eBlitz today! 

APP STORE:https://apps.apple.com/us/app/eblitz/id1562995363

GOOGLE PLAY:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gg.eblitz.eblitzapp





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Okay but this is actually super cool!!!!! The only Swipe-Right app worth downloading!! *Dusts off MapleStory login info *😂👏🏾💚

Lars van Breems

Yooo… This looks awesome! Wonder if I can use it to get together a raid team for Destiny?

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