An Interview with Artist @WandererKami

I had the honor of interviewing the amazing artist @WandererKami about their artistic journey!

What inspired you to start making art?

I think a lot of things all collect together in my memory, but I do have a really clear one of watching The Lion King 2 obsessively, pausing the VHS every two seconds, and stamping a piece of paper over the screen so I could trace the lions. So Disney was a huge inspiration initially! I also loved writing stories, and it only felt natural to make illustrations to go with them. The early days of DeviantArt helped a lot to encourage my art too, and where I discovered what furries were!

Favorite thing about being an artist?

The pleasure of everything coming together for a piece is a great feeling, the rare times the picture in your head and what you create actually match up. I always go back to pieces like that fondly!

Advice for new artists?

Try your best not to be too self-critical. Nothing kills wanting to make art faster than being overly judgemental towards your own art. You start to associate creating with negative emotions rather than positive ones and that’s when everything kinda falls apart… So when you start out it’s good to focus on the bits and things you did that came out right or went well, or just taking happiness in the fact you created something at all!

Plans for 2021!

I hope to start a Masters in Illustration that leads into 2021, i’d also love to try creating a graphic novel, it’s one of those things where i’m always meaning to try it! socials are: Twitter- @WandererKami Instagram- @etc_artwork

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