Yuzuki Momoi, NFTs and Sun Review

If you’re a geek like us at All Ages of Geek you’ve already been hearing all about NFTs and their amazing rise to a new digital world of art. Our friends at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace also have a huge role to play in providing NFTs to collectors, while also supporting Mangaka and their work. Be sure to check out our recent article about them right HERE

Today we will be reviewing Sun by Yuzuki Momoi.

Who is Yuzuki Momoi? She is a Mangaka known for her work at Santa Company and ZAN. She has many amazing achievements under her belt, such as winning the Shogakukan「Gin no Kure」Grand prize Magazine (Hibana) in 2017. Not only is she an amazing Mangaka but she also holds a position as an assistant professor in Osaka Seikei University! 

Now Yuzuki Momoi jumps into the NFT world with her original piece Sun. In this unique NFT you see a group of people staring into the distance surrounded by petals of beautiful cherry blossoms. Behind them lies a red and black sun. This emotional piece portrays the sadness that comes when the sun is setting. It’s a feeling of saying goodbye to the day, and to look on for an uncertain but hopeful tomorrow. The people have concerned looks on their face and dragonflies fly in front of them, showing the viewer their true feelings in this piece. This NFT tells a story and would be a perfect addition for any collector. 

Follow updates from Yuzuki Momoi by checking out her Official Website and Twitter! Learn more HERE from Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace!

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