The Green Hornet – Comic Review

Dynamite Entertainment unlocks a tale of action, crime-fighting, and suspense in the return of The Green Hornet.

Scott Lobdell writes a whole new journey for the man dressed in green Britt Reid, The Green Hornet. In the ongoing series, witness the unforeseen situations Reid and martial arts expert Kato encounter. 

In this tale they find themselves battling the likes of the United States Army. The situation grows evermore deeper as our heroes come across a mysterious baby and a being from outer space! The story starts off with foreshadowing and slowly builds up the mystery to an entirely new discovery. 

A simple mission to find a missing girl leads to an extraordinary adventure. The comic book takes its time in keeping focus of how things got to an unforeseen future. Therefore, the comic book itself remains unpredictable as the events shift and change at a moment’s notice with no regret but a push forward to hit new points that are memorable and unorthodox. 

Anthony Marques takes inspiration from classic and golden age style comic books. The artwork holds bold out lines and straightforward detail. Therefore, nothing is too complicated across the page. Strong layers of ink are present upon each panel highlighting the characters, environment, and shadow.  

Anthony continues his efforts with the color choices within the book ranging from black, white, and green. The solid pigments work together to create a sense of mystery and suspense fitting of noir storytelling.

 Witness further installments as Dynamite Entertainment brings the Green Hornet and Kato at odds with the world as they encounter new foes and mysteries. The comics will bring forth how our heroes stepped into this world between what is wrong and right in a world dressed as black and white.

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