Women and Weapons #766 Review

NFTs are taking over the internet. Bigger and better NFTs continue to surface everyday, new designs, ideas, and artists are rising in the blockchain. Today we are going to chat all about Women and Weapons #766 and why you should consider checking it out. 

Before we chat about #766 let’s talk about what the Women and Weapons collection is all about: “Women and Weapons is a collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass women NFTs. The 200+ attributes that make up these assets were painstakingly hand-drawn by notable artist Sara Baumann a.k.a “Sparky.” Each stroke was a labor of love that took months of planning to assemble. This is a chance to own a piece of her biggest and boldest art collection ever. 5% of all proceeds go to The Malala Fund Charity so that girls and women worldwide can gain access to education that will empower them to lead. So please help us help girls make knowledge their weapon. Learn more and join us at: https://www.womenandweapons.io

This NFT is an amazing art piece that any collector would be lucky to have. #766 is a beautiful hand drawn NFT that would be perfect for any collector looking to add cartoon-like NFTs to their gallery. Similar in design to shows seen on Cartoon Network, fans of cartoons will love this NFT.  #766 is a beautiful woman with blonde hair, golden bronze skin, sporting a dark lipstick shade, and wearing a light yellow outfit. In her hand she holds her weapon and is ready for anything that comes her way. This unique NFT is one of a kind and is priced at 0.677 eth.

If you are interested in learning more about Women and Weapons be sure to check out #766 on OpenSea. There you will be able to check out this NFT and more info about this amazing collection. Each NFT is created by Sara Baumann, all hand drawn and original. Be sure to check out #766 today. 


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