What To Expect At getmod.art

NFTs are truly taking over the internet day by day. New creators jump into the metaverse and
showcase their visions. Photographers, graphic artists, musicians, fine artists, the possibilities
for creators are endless. Today we are going to chat all about getmod.art and how what they are doing will change your experience in the metaverse.

EMPOWERED TO CREATE. Start your journey designing your own unique 3D NFT wearables

If you are in the metaverse you must check out everything they have to offer. Customization
truly allows people to express their individuality and now getmod.art allows you to do this in the metaverse. In the physical world everyone expresses themselves through their clothing. Color choices, fabric, designs, all of it matters when someone is choosing their outfit. Getmod.art allows you to customize your look in the digital world. But how does it work?

“Create and MODify wearables and accessories for the metaverse. MOD Studio is a
user-friendly application that can be accessed from your web browser and used to easily MODify wearables without any previous design or coding skills. MOD Studio utilizes proprietary, Ai technology to “auto-fit” wearables to many avatars across the metaverse. This means that users will be able to create the same wearable for many metaverses at once. Once you MODify your wearable, publish it to blockchain as an NFT or push it to a marketplace.”

The great part about this is you can then sell your designs to other members of the metaverse.
This is great for artists who are interested in showing their designs to the world. Alongside
selling your designs to others you can also create physical world garments! If you create a
t-shirt design you love you can also purchase it for yourself to wear outside of the metaverse.
This means you can rock your design just like your metaverse character!

PreSale is open now using USD and can be broken down into four easy payments. This is great
because the price is user friendly allowing customers to pay in full or in four payments. The first 2,500 people to join will receive VIP access! This new project is going to be HUGE since they are working with influencers and celebrities and have a great and hardworking team.

Be sure to check out all they have going on. This project is going to change the way of the
metaverse. Be sure to go over to their website to learn more about what they are working on,
who they are, and a look into their fashion. You do not want to miss this! Support them today.
You will not regret it.

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