We Interviewed Vtuber YeS

We had the pleasure of interviewing Vtuber @yes_vtuber!

1.What inspired you to become a Vtuber?

Quite simply: God. When a person accepts God in his life he discovers that he has a mission to accomplish, whether in his work, with his skills or something really special, he was made to achieve it, and my mission is to be a Christian Vtuber. I want to help people, solve their problems, make them happy, show them God by me, they don’t need to become a Christian because I accept everyone: no one is sidelined for this or that reason.

2. Tell us about your model!

It’s true that my model has a rather particular design because even if it was me who made it entirely on Vroid Studio, I was guided by the spirit of God in the process, I am really a fan of this design because I feel a new part of me that I can discover with my model.

3.What is the best part about being a Vtuber?

I would say that the Vtubers community is probably one of the most welcoming ones in the world, I have already been in several communities before but I’ve never seen such a high level of acceptance, kindness, support, tenderness, motivation and probably more, that’s insane. Of course there are a lot of bad things going on there but the good things are always the one to cherish the most, for example I’ve met so many nice Vtubers but also meet some other wonderful Christians Vtubers that became my friends while I was thinking I’m the only one, isn’t that magical? And again it’s only a part of the reasons that makes this community beautiful and also why I’m happy to do God’s plan for my life in there.

4. What would you tell someone who wants to become a Vtuber? Any advice?

Before i became a Vtuber, i was an extremely popular Gamer with a tons of subscribers, tons of views, i had a huge community and a pretty big fame, i am one of the luckiest person that have tasted the fact to be a Celebrity, and because of that experience I’ve learned a lot of lessons :

1st : Be sure of wich contents you’re gonna make, peoples will watch someone either because of the Creator or because of the Content and if you change what you’re doing, only a part of your community will move with you. (that’s my case, what? how did you know that?)

2st : Reinvent yourself the right way, if you don’t change peoples will be bored but if you change a lot peoples will not recognise you, you have to balance how you change yourself but not too much, just what it’s needed.

3rd : Stand out from the others, make stuffs peoples are not used to, be original, try crazy stuff that no one did, make everything to put you aside of the mainstream lane, do it in a certain style, do everything to make peoples think about you like “Oh look, this was made by X, Oh yeah, nice joke from X, The content of X is really not like everyone else”, don’t do things like the others because if you want to be seen by the world, then shine like no one do. I hope these advices will help someone!

5. Goals for this year?

5. Aside of being a Vtuber I’m also a Cute Kawaii EDM Music Producer and I’m trying my best to get signed first to God’s Nation, BLSSD Music, Music Meets Heaven wich are some Christian labels, and then I’ll try to be on the regular one like NCS, Future House Music, Illumi Music, House Nation, Revealed, Future Mountn, etc, cuz why not! Also I’m trying to see if i can try to do contents and projects on a very popular platform, i can’t say more about that but it starts with VR and ends with AT. In any case something I really wanna start when I’ll get to make my debut is to collab more on livestreams, do gaming livestreams and also some chill livestreams when I can also pray for the people that need help in something, I’m always up to help anyone in need!

6. Where can people support you?

Peoples can first support me on YouTube (https://youtube.com/c/YeS_Vtuber) where I upload videos (it will be more frequent and varied at my debut). There are also Twitch (https://twitch.tv/yes_vtuber) on wich i will start livestreaming on my Debut, then Twitter (https://twitter.com/yes_vtuber) and Instagram (https://instagram.com/yes_vtuber) where i tweet and post stories, stuffs and updates, i also have a Tiktok (https://tiktok.com/@yes_vtuber) but I’m waiting for my debut to make contents on it, also Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/yesounds) where i post my songs and optionally there are my vTubie (https://vtubie.com/yes-duplicate) where you can see my lore on it for example, yeah i know that’s a lot on where you can support me haha, hope you’re not lost!

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