We Interviewed Voice Actor Feodora Susilo!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Feodora Susilo all about being a voice actor!

“Feodora Susilo is an Indonesian-Australian Screen/Voice Actor, Writer, Model, Twitch Affiliate Streamer. Feodora is 23 years old and she is based in Perth WA. As those professions are some of her talents, she does have more creative hobbies such as 3D interior design, film making, dancing, photography and video editing.”

1.What inspired you to become a voice actor?

To be completely honest, it was all because of streaming. I started streaming last year and did a couple of valorant voice impressions (mainly Viper voice impressions) and it led me to think “hey, maybe I want to take voice acting, seriously” Since I had a screen acting background, I was a bit familiar with auditioning and such, but I would say voice acting is definitely much more fun and the community is so nice!

2.Can you describe your process for preparing for a voice acting role?

I would warm up my voice by singing (even though my singing sucks ahaha), drink lots of water, and saying the lines over and over in different ways before recording. But usually if I don’t have time to do all that, I just get straight into it.

3.What has been your biggest challenge as a voice actor and how have you overcome it?

Biggest challenge would be- this is going to sound lame, but working out timezones, since most of the projects I’m in are based in America. I’m located in Australia, so the timezones are a bit of a stretch, I usually use the world clock app on my phone to work it out. I’m not a morning person, but for voice acting meetings/recordings, I’ll always try my best to make it.

4.Can you tell us about a particularly memorable project you’ve worked on and why it stands out to you?

Well, i’m still new to the whole voice acting world, though I’m currently apart of 4 projects, one of them is my own. I don’t know, I would say all of them, since my experience with them is just full of positivity and lovely people. Can I be biased and say my own project (Villain Mutants)? I’ll be biased and say that, ahaha!

5. How do you handle the pressure of performing in front of a microphone?

Here’s the thing, I’m use to performing in front of a crew, back when I did some screen acting projects. So, it doesn’t feel that much of a difference. The only difference is that i’m not performing in front of anyone, but a wall and I just imagine that wall being my scene partner.

6.Can you share any advice for aspiring voice actors just starting out in the industry?

Just do it, like actually do it. Don’t wait and say “oh, I wish I was a voice actor” because it’s not going to happen, if you don’t try or do something about it. Sign up for classes, audition for as many projects as you can find (unpaid or paid), build up your reel or create a homemade reel. It’s all about putting effort into your craft, if you don’t then what’s the point in wishing to become a voice actor? Trust me when I say this, getting an agent isn’t something you should focus on if you’re starting off. Take your time, there’s no rush to get one.

7.Can you tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a new character or voice?

I don’t think I have a story for that, but I can tell you about one of my auditions. There was one certain role that I auditioned for, where I had to sound like a little kid and oh god.. that hurt my throat. I got that over and done with and I don’t think I’ll ever try to audition for a kid role, unless I practice on it.

8. How do you stay motivated and engaged during long recording sessions?

I just stare at an image of the character I’m playing and just think “wow, I’m playing this character, they are so fangirling moment” and even if there’s no image for a character I’m playing, I would always imagine what they would look like and it gets me all excited.

9.Can you tell us about an experience you had while working on a project where you had to improvise or come up with an unexpected solution?

You know what? Surprisingly, I haven’t come across that, which is great, cause’ improvising is my least favourite thing to do, especially when I’m not too sure about the character I’m playing.

10.Can you share a funny or interesting story from your time as a voice actor?

Should I tell you the moments where people on Hinge have told me that I should be a voice actor, when I already am? I’ve tweeted about it, but never gotten back to them on that dating app. It’s just funny cause I’d be ranting in a recording about how people say my name wrong or they make jokes about it and then there’s these guys who completely ignore the context and just say “You have a really nice, soothing voice. You should be a voice actor” like honey, I’m ranting about my name.

11.Can you share your favorite voice acting moment or performance?

I can’t say much about any of the projects I’m apart of, but I’ll say something from mine, which is Villain Mutants (audio drama coming soon). There’s this moment where my character, Seven/Sadie has this conversation with another character (her love interest) and she tries to let that character know that she is and will always be in love with them. I thought that was the most cutest and corny moment ever and I just love them so much.

12.Can you tell us about a voice acting project you turned down and why?

I turned down a project that was specifically for a Lego video. I just thought it wasn’t my style or direction I wanted to go through. It just didn’t peak my interest.

13. How do you keep your voice in good condition for voice acting?

Drinking lots of water and taking breaks. I’ve learnt my lesson with doing voice impressions for 2 hours straight and it left me with a sore throat and I was sick for 2 weeks.

14.Can you tell us about a time when you had to take on a role that was completely different from what you were used to?

I don’t think I can, because I haven’t gotten to that stage. I’m use to having roles with deep voiced characters. If I were to pick up a totally different character with a high pitch tone, I would go insane, though I would try to maintain that voice.

15.What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek and what can we improve on to make it a better platform?

I think the team is just so positive, kind and caring! They’re doing a pretty good job at what they do. What to improve? Hmm, I don’t think there’s anything to improve on, but I would suggest doing interviews on a call or in person, that would be cool!

16.Where can people find you online?

Here are my socials! Twitter: OracleFeo Instagram: feodorasusilo Twitch: OracleFeo Tiktok: OracleFeo Website: https://oraclefeo.weebly.com/ IMDb: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm9387019/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0

Interested in being interviewed email us at [email protected]!

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