We Interviewed The Creator Of aroundtheblue!

We had the chance to interview the crator of aroundtheblue all about their NFTs!

1. How long have you been creating NFTs?

I started creating last month. Because the arrival of nft makes the arts community in my country interesting.

2. What inspired your work?

I was when I was young. I love to play the game TheSims, Which made me like to grow up to be an interior designer. I’m currently working as a graphic designer. So I bring my inspiration for interior design, isometric illustrations that have been studied in the university, and childhood dreams. I include 3 things I love when I create a room for ‘Apartment collection’ on Opensea

3. Where can people find your NFTs?

Now I’m just starting out with a NFT you can find my Twitter account

4. What makes your NFTs stand out?

I bring the interior design mixed with isometric illustrations In the lines that I think stand out.

5. Plans for 2022?

I’ll plan the roadmap more clearly. What should be there. There is a special room and Level.

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