We Interviewed the Author of Legend of Elianna!

How long have you been writing?

Somewhere I have a box of old books I stapled together in kindergarten. When I was 11, I self published a book of poetry. I’m pretty sure it’s still on Amazon. So, it’s been a constant throughout my life in various forms.

What inspired Legend of Elianna?

Legend of Elianna actually came from a game I used to play with my neighbors when I was 10. We pretended we were other beings in a ‘land in the clouds’ that our spirits could access as we slept. The original draft was a 30-some page book I wrote in fifth grade. A couple years later I rewrote it. In high school, I modernized it a bit. In college I decided to give it another crack, which became this most recent rendition.

I’ve written a million other stories in that time too, but I return to Elianna because—when considering the young adult fiction market—it seems the purest. It came from the mind of a kid.  

What are your plans for 2021?

I have a new project I’m excited about, a sort of sci-fi fantasy about gods that control the earth and a team of characters that attempts to save it with real-world climate research. If all goes well this year, I’ll actually finish it and maybe attend some conferences. I’ll even attend online if I have to!

Aside from that, I just joined the editorial team of a small-town newspaper and am definitely going to put some short stories out this year.  

I typically post updates on Instagram, @fletcherstories.

What are your plans for Legend of Elianna

Legend of Elianna has extended far beyond its roots as a game of make-believe. In addition to several spinoff short stories, I’ve written a sequel, Legend of Sekkū, and have detailed outlines for three more novels in the series.

These stories were really my start at long-form fiction, and I have ideas for novels that seem more pressing at the moment. That’s why I’m stoked to share Elianna through All Ages of Geek. Who knows what form it will take next? The series is really a place for me to experiment and practice, and it can go as deep as folks want to see it go. 

Be sure to check out Legend of Elianna read through HERE!

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