We Interviewed @JumJamz

We interviewed @JumJamz all about their amazing work!

1. What inspires your work?

(Is it too obvious to say that RWBY inspires me?) I feel like I’ve always been inspired by shows I enjoy, especially animated ones, and those things have definitely influenced the way I draw and also my sense of humour. For RWBY fanart specifically, It was always a hobby of mine to draw comics of characters in goofy scenarios, and I thought I might like doing that with this series too. I think seeing RWBY fanart from Eunnieverse and Wowza-wowzers made me finally decide to give it a try.

2. Who is your favorite RWBY character?

Yang has pretty much always been my favourite. She’s there for her family and friends, she fights good, she punches, what’s not to like? I like the dynamic she has with each of her team members and I dunno she’s just cool. My attachment to characters isn’t very complex. I’d say all of Team RWBY are my top 4. I think it’s also worth mentioning that my preference is influenced by who I think I can write in amusing and fun ways. Lots of my comics are based around Cinder and her underlings/team/friends/coworkers, and that dynamic lends itself to comedy differently than the hero characters.

3. What is your goal as an artist?

Oh golly gee that makes it sound so serious. I guess the main thing would be that I want to make stuff that I think is funny, and hopefully can make other people laugh too. To achieve that in the way I want I’d need to keep working on improving my art and storytelling skills, because it’s just more fun when all those things come together.

4. Advice for new artists?

Remember to try and say “yes” to your creative ideas more often. Lots of us have a bad habit of thinking “no i shouldn’t try this” or “no this won’t be any good”, but if we do that all the time we literally won’t make anything. Give yourself the chance to make what you like. It could turn out awesome, or weird, or both, or everything in between.

5. Goals for this year?

I hope to make more long “episodes” of my RWBY comics, Beaconstrips. As of right now I’ve done 3 (and a half) stories like that, and while they are far from perfect, they are something I’m pretty proud of.

6. Where can people support your work?

I post stuff on my twitter (@jumjamz) and my deviantart (JumpinJammies). Please come check it out if you want c:

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Tatiana Stec is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at All Ages of Geek. You can follow her on Substack.

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