We Interviewed Indie Game Company Never Cute!

We had the pleasure of chatting with indie game company Never Cute!

1. Tell us what is it like to be a indie game company.

Hi! Thanks for the interview. I’m Lina and I have an indie game company together with my brother, Feliz. I like that every day is completely different. One day you are brainstorming on a complete new concept, the next day you spend the whole day on 1 bug. I enjoy working with my brother. We have the same vision for our company. We don’t take anything serious, even our company name isn’t: Nevercute!

2. What are some games you are proud of?

We are currently in our last phase for “Writing with Lisa”, very proud of how it’s turning out to be. We wanted to create a mix between writers and gamers, while also learning how to be a better writer.

3. Goals for 2023?

We would like to create fun, new, and wildly innovative and creative 3d games that push the boundaries of gameplay, and because of that we want to expand our team with 10+ new members.

4. Advice for new indie game devs?

Be bold enough to try new things but smart enough to understand what the crowd wants. Some concepts can be ahead of their time. Don’t be afraid to pivot if you feel like your concept isn’t working. This can save you a lot of time! We worked on another concept for 2 years straight before we realized it wasn’t gonna work, just because we weren’t honest to ourselves.

5. Biggest success story?

“Writing with Lisa” will be our first success story!

6. Anything else you’d like to share?

We are very proud to be a family company and I think you will hear a lot more about Nevercute in the coming years.

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