We Interviewed Author Gen/Esis

We had the pleasure of chatting with Gen/Esis all about their work!

1. What inspires your work?

A large inspiration for my work comes from the many writers whose works I look up to. Stories by the likes of Reki Kawahara and Nisioisin left an impact on me, and I want to do the same for others. But of course, it’s not just big names who inspire me. Even reading the works of those who write alongside me like Akua-Senpai, Creation Web Novel Studio, Laika, Moripanda, and everyone else at the Writer’s Bar (A Discord server we have) adds to that inspiration. Just being able to read the works of such talented people brings out the best in me. Lastly, everyone who just takes the time to read my work—they make it all worth it.

2. What are your goals as a writer?

Mainly, my goal has always been to deliver stories that people will enjoy. It might be simple but making something that resonates with someone is always what I’ve aimed for. In whatever form that may be. Creating, writing, and designing worlds, they’re all things that I grew to love over time. I want to share those things with as many people as possible. My ultimate accomplishment is to make something that can inspire at least one person to make something they’ve always wanted to make. Cause as someone once said, “Inspiration is the most valuable currency that humanity will ever have.”

3. What advice would you give to new writers?

Just start writing. Sounds obvious, but many people spend too much time thinking about the little stuff and never get anything done. If you have an idea and want to work on it, start working on it. Will it be a masterpiece? Most likely not. For most, it might not even be that good, but what you will gain is experience. Getting over the fear of failing is a big step for many. It’s hard and hearing people criticize your work is painful, but those are all small lessons. Lessons that can do wonders for your writing moving forward. So to summarize, my advice is to write and fail. Keep writing and keep failing, learn from those failures and improve yourself. Everyone fails, it’s how you get back up from those failures that will determine your success. Also, have people read your work. Other people can see flaws that slip right through you so have someone beta-read your work. It’s really important when trying to get better.

4. What does your creative process look like?

The way I think of stories usually involves other media. Either reading novels, light novels, manga, watching anime, movies, or anything like that. Even just the slightest idea that I can get from any of those can grow into a full-fledged story. But while that does happen, other times an idea just randomly pops in my head. If I have the time, I write a small test version to see if I would want to make a whole story. If not, I just write down the idea and maybe use it later. Actually writing stuff is where it gets tricky. There are times when it becomes difficult to sit and write. In those cases, I usually move around my house with my laptop until I find a place where I can concentrate. My room is usually not one of those places. Before I even write though, there are always pages and pages filled with story details I work on that I might use for reference later. It’s always chaotic, but I usually get things done.

5. Goals for 2023?

Mainly, I’m trying to branch out more. I’ve mostly kept under the radar due to some IRL stuff, but now I want to focus more on my writing. The event I’m currently partaking in is part of that, but I want to start working on new projects. Maybe I’ll even try to self-publish some things…

6. Where and how can people support your work?

I’ve posted on many sites, but Honeyfeed is where you can find all my works. It’s mainly short stories, but I’m currently participating in the Honeyfeed x MyAnimeList writing event with the story “A Girl Threatened to Kill Me, Now We’re Living Together!”. I would be thankful if you can support me there!

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