We Interviewed Artist Omorphia!

1.what inspired you to start making art?

What makes me inspired is of course the works of Ghibli that create interesting environmental images that will always remain in my memory. I really like landscape illustrations whether it’s photos or seeing them directly, in that aspect I want to indirectly record every beautiful moment in my background work. besides that, because I used to work as an interior designer, I also have a tendency to decorate interesting rooms.

2.what would you tell other creators who want to start making art?

First, make the type of artwork you like the most, second, be consistent with what you do. when enjoy each process, don’t really care about the results at the beginning

3. What is your favorite piece you created? 4. Plans for 2021?

I really like the ghibli inspired background that I made at the beginning of my career because I had a lot of sentiment for being attracted to it.

4. Plans for 2021?

to be more consistent, to create healthy communities, inspired more people, or technically I hope to work in many fields that require my work, such as supporting the development of Vtubers communities, video games, and other creative fields.

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