We Interviewed Artist Marissa_Joy

We interviewed artist Marissa! Check it out!

1. When did you start creating art?

I have always been creative since I was little, and have experimented with different art mediums since I can remember. I started focusing on my art more seriously about 9 months ago and have been going strong since!

2. What inspired you to make your animal crossing piece?

Animal crossing is a very nostalgic game for me, and I played the older versions with my sister growing up. I’ve always loved the game and when New Horizons came out, I found my love for the game again and decided to start making art based on it! I’ve made several different types of animal crossing art, from stickers to wall decor. I decided I wanted to make something functional as well and thought custom cartridge holders would be perfect!

3.Who is your favorite animal crossing villager?

3. My all-time favorite animal crossing villager is Lolly because she looks like and reminds me of my cat Olivia!

4. Do you have a favorite art piece you created?

4. I have had a great time in the past months creating art, but my favorite is probably my game cartridge holder that has my resident rep on it surrounded by all my villagers!

5. What are your plans for 2021?

5. My plans for 2021 are to keep creating art. I want to create even more wooden pieces! My socials: Twitter: Marissa_Joy Instagram: Magicalbymarissa Tiktok: Magicalbymarissa Etsy: Magicalbymarissa

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