We interviewed Artist @Etheereall!

We interviewed artist @Etheereall all about their creative journey!

1. What or who inspired your art?

Through the years I focused on many types of arts. I was in high school when I started taking drawing seriously, I got introduced to fine arts, and who mainly inspired me during that period were artists like Caravaggio or hayez but at the same time, I also discovered animated media, viewing it differently in comparison to when I was a child. I began to watch both western cartoons and also anime, this last one led me to read more comics and getting interested in the art styles of the authors. Despite that those who inspire me the most are the many artists found through socials like Instagram or Twitter, I look up to them, I study their style, their coloring method, I try to replicate it and incorporate the features I like the most of their art to my style.

2. What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

I have 2 favorite drawings and they’re both portraying chrollo, a Character from hunter x hunter. One is quite simple and is showing his side profile facing left I really like how I managed to give him both sharp and round lines; for some reason, I always found it hard to draw profiles cause I would mostly make them too sharp with many pointy lines. I think I like it that much because it’s proof of my progress through time About the second one in short I combined everything I like the most to draw: suits, hands and also the colors.

3. What would you tell new artist? Any advice?

I’m still considering myself quite new to the art world but advice I always want to remind is to never forget to also draw for yourself, it’s easy falling for the trap “drawing for others because it gives you visibility and validation” or simply cause you have commissions to work on, I still do it too but I also like to save up some time every once in a while by treating myself with art that makes me happy. After some time sticking to the idea that you have to draw what pleases others will exhaust you, reminding to also draw for yourself keeps you sane ahah

4.Plans for 2022?

I need to improve in many things but mostly I really need to incorporate backgrounds into my drawings, I’m tired of seeing the characters floating on the canvas

5. Where can people support your work?

They can support me on Instagram (thatuglymeme) Twitter (etheereall) And I recently opened a print shop on imprnt (thatuglymeme)

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