Vox Machina Episode One OC Chat!

In our Vox Machina reaction on youtube we asked you to tell us about your OCs and here is what you had to tell us:

Amanda Dunning

Oh man, you guys are in for such a treat with this show! I’m one of the Critters that supported the Kickstarter for this show and it 100% exceeded my expectations. It gets better every episode and the ending is amazing! From season three onwards we focus a bit more on Percy’s backstory, but there are moments of development for all the characters as well. Season two is going to be a bit more about going into everyone’s backstory as well as the background for the world itself. My favorite character I ever made was a knowledge cleric who was a halfling and had been raised in Candlekeep library her whole life. We were running Waterdeep Dragon Heist and this was her first adventure outside of the place she was born, so I played her a little shy and reserved. She didn’t tank at first, just hung out at the back of combat healing and buffing people. It wasn’t until my DM started making enemies get up close to her that she realized she couldn’t get hit easily and should really be in the front line. Her name was Ardal and our group went on after finishing the module to do a quick fight with Acerack (part of one of the PC”s backstories, her mom’s soul was caught in the soultrap and we had to defeat him to get it back so she could be healed) so because I was raised in a library my DM didn’t even make do a knowledge check to find out if I knew about Liches. I cast hero’s feast before we went in and were pretty much immune to everything Acerack could throw at us. Best moment of the campaign by far was the first time someone got hit with an attack with all poison damage I got to tell the group that the PC took zero damage due to being immune to poison thanks to the hero’s feast. 😀

tico zayas

The way this 1st season goes the first two episodes are intro then the rest of the season is pulled from a fan favorite arc from early on in critical role’s 1st campaign that is linked to one character’s back story but cr tends to make each character’s back story an arc while the others have side stories mixed in. The animation looks like kora bc it’s the same animation studio 🙂 As for my favorite character, it would have to be my fire genasi (humaniod from the fire plane that has the fire magic from the realm infused into thier body, ie fiery glowing eyes, fire for hair, some enate fire magic etc) lycan (specifically werewolf) blood hunter… who uses hemocraft to augment his combat and to debuff his enemies. He started out as (excuse the pun) a lone wolf, but after a while figured out things get done better with a group and made new friends and has been adventuring with them for a few years now and will fight tooth and nail to keep his new family safe.


Bidet! That is the “official” Critter greeting. I love watching the rise of new Critters! Whooo boy where to start…. I have several characters I could talk about but I would have to say currently my favorite is Musafir. She is a shadow fell tiefling warlock (hexblade subclass). I am running her in the Horde of the Dragon Queen campaign. Anyway about TLOVM I enjoyed your reaction and I hope you continue with the series.

Elizabeth Adams

One D&D game that I played, I was a halfling cleric and we were in this magical forest. The group was a little split up – one going ahead stealthily to follow someone, the others hiding in the trees and looking around. There was a huge bell tower in the middle of this clearing as well. We as a group (those that were around the trees) decided to ring the bell as it was being guarded before. Suddenly, the two bears that our one party member was trailing (they were magical and leading a little girl away with promises of wonderful things) turned around and started bolting back to the clearing. Of course, we didn’t know this until they came bursting out of the tree line. We rolled initiative, and I was first. I cast guiding bolt at one as they were still far enough away. Guiding bolt does 4d6 damage and I rolled pretty well. I turned that bear to dust. The rest of the round is pretty uneventful. My party members trying to get back to the clearing for better shots, and the bear continuing to charge. The bear was now within 10 feet of my tiny little halfling cleric. I walked up the rest of the way to this bear and slapped it across the face and cast inflict wounds which does 3d10 damage on contact with the target. I essentially thanos snapped two charging black bears at least three times my height on all fours without any assistance from my party. One of my proudest D&D moments.

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