Valhalla Review 

The internet has been flooded with new NFTs everyday. Each day you hear about new creators and artists joining the space and bringing their visions to the metaverse. Some that are hand drawn, others done by online programs and technology, and of course photographs. Today we are going to discuss an NFT that is truly different from the rest. Lets chat all about the Valhalla Collection.

These adorable NFTs are taking over the metaverse with their first drop on March 4th! But who are they? They are a brand new NFT project with amazing real world perks! People who decide to support this project will get perks that include:

1)Owners get- Access token to exclusive events

2)Owners are in charge of creative decisions

3)Monthly giveaways from the funds earned at drop and  secondary market.

4)Coin+Game soon

Collectors looking to expand their gallery with more cartoon styled artwork should consider checking this collection out. The artwork continues to improve as they create more and more NFTs. Check out these amazing results after only one week of production!

The creators are currently working on a roadmap. Be sure to check out all of their links to find out more about this roadmap! This will let you know what to expect as they grow. This amazing project is perfect for fans of cartoons and collectors looking to add nostalgia to their gallery. Be sure to check out all of their links today!

FIND OUT MORE HERE: https://linktr.ee/Valhcollection

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