Unboxing Queen Popcorn Bucket #67

NFTs are slowly taking over the internet. New creators are joining the space and sharing their work with the universe. Today we are going to chat about UnboxingQueen and what their NFTs are bringing to the metaverse. Now let’s talk about their designs and where you can support their amazing NFTs.

These NFTs are popcorn buckets but with faces! Their adorable designs bring a nostalgic feeling to the viewers because they look like classic cartoons. Collectors can expect to see many different traits and backgrounds. The best part about their collection is the bright saturated colors that bring joy to the viewers minds! Foodies and collectors looking to add nostalgia to their gallery should consider checking out UnboxingQueen today.

Let’s chat about one of their NFTs. Unboxing Queen Popcorn Bucket #67 is an adorable popcorn bucket sporting a nice suit and purple tie. On his head he has strawberry ice cream on top of the popcorn! This is perfect for anyone who has love for popcorn and ice cream. There are many other popcorn buckets in this collection with different traits to browse through on their OpenSea. Not only are these NFTs adorable but fans of movie theaters will also love this collection! 

Now where can you support them? You can find UnboxingQueen’s collection on OpenSea. On their OpenSea you can check out different popcorn buckets and decide which one you want! Be sure to support these adorable popcorn buckets today!


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