VoxPop Games and Guardians Of Lodino Forest!

Our friends at Vox Pop Games have exciting news for you Geeks!

“Created by Adrien Dittrick for the VoxPop Games Platform

This is “Guardians Of Lodino Forest” (G.O.L.F. for short) enhanced, an amazing need to play, experience, a hybrid sports adventure rhythm game about shooting a series of armored golf ball bosses (Guardians) into submission and then striking them for a possible hole in one.

For this task, you are equipped with your Rocket Trainers and the Lodino Rifle: a hybrid Golf club / Assault rifle.

The “Made for VoxPop” version has just gone LIVE, with more updates still to come!!!

We can’t wait to see all the new streams that come from this new exclusive content version and all the new adventures that players get into.

Be sure you follow the new title category on Twitch, as well, to aid in discoverability:

Guardians of Lodino Forest – https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Guardians%20Of%20Lodino%20Forest

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s HIGH SCORES.


  • 18 holes
  • 4 environments
  • 6 bullet hell patterns
  • Dynamic difficulty

New Changelog Below:


– Added a new fresh title screen

– Added the “Vox Striker” Lodino Rifle – Updated Gun & Bullet variance

– Added retry penalties into the scoring system, finally tallies will take death as stoke counts.

Sign-Up, Purchase and Download Now [at] G.O.L.F on VoxPop!

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