The Great Design Review

The NFT space continues to grow, all over social media you see new NFT artists coming into the space with amazing work. Today we are going to chat all about The Great Design, a collection you can only find on OpenSea. But what makes them so special? 

In this collection you will see many unique images. Some images are of worlds, perfect for any collector to grab for their NFT gallery, or even an image of a windmill, the possibilities are endless. The worlds in this collection are amazing. 

Let’s chat all about Moon Giants. Since the art in this collection is abstract it is open for interpretation by the viewers. Moon Giants is the perfect piece for any writer looking for inspiration for world building. This piece shows a huge range of colors that intertwine perfectly together. In the center you can see an image that looks like a half moon surrounded by wisps of blue hue. The art is truly incredible. Any collector would be lucky to add it to their gallery. 

Tropic Jive is another piece that helps paint the real world. You can see images that look like palm trees and an ocean in the background. This NFT is great for any collector looking to add something relaxing to their gallery. Alongside Moon Giants and Tropic Jives viewers can expect to see MANY more NFTs that they can add to their collection. 

The Great Design truly has great designs that you need to check out today if you are a fan of abstract art. Be sure to support them on OpenSea today. 

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