Sword Art Online Thoughts For The Future

All Ages of Geeks loves giving our community a chance to chat about their favorite anime and shows! Today we are back with another guest post. The topic is Sword Art Online.

“Hello All Ages Of Geek Readers! It’s me MamiKali20 aka Angelique doing a small write-up for Sword Art Online and something that has been on my mind since I started re-watching the series. I first saw Sword Art Online around the same time as RWBY on Netflix back in 2016. I had forgotten a lot of what happened so I decided to re-watch it and upon re-watching I realized something so here it is.

The world of Sword Art Online sure is amazing but in it, there was a hidden pact. The players had to stay locked in this virtual world and if they took off their nerves gear they died. If they die in the game they die for real!  Now I don’t know how many of you have watched this anime but this concept terrifies me. What if something like this actually happened in real life? Kirito saw many die before him. Asuna as well. While yet living in this virtual world they see what are real people die and they continue on living.  I don’t know what the future holds but I hope is not like Sword Art Online.”

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