Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 4 Analysis

Episode 4 of Steven Universe really highlighted the importance of being together and taking the time to bother with your friends. We start the episode with Steven trying to have “together breakfast” with everyone but they’re all busy with one thing or another. When he finally convinces one of them to try, they become greedy and try to eat the entire breakfast themselves. However, this nor any other obstacle stops Steven from trying to bring himself and his friends closer together and eating the “together breakfast” well… Together.

After fighting monsters, swimming through oceans and many more obstacles they finally all eat together but not in the way we thought. The current together breakfast gets destroyed so they all make a new one together. Only to end up ordering pizza because they can’t eat it all even with all of them there which was a great comedic touch to the already hilarious aspect of Steven going through leaps and bounds just to have breakfast together.

However, what if we as people tried with as much effort as Steven did to be together and interact with each other? Human beings were created to commune and be together, to deprive someone of that is no greater pain. What if we set aside our differences and just said: “Hey, let’s stop fighting and try to understand each other”?

What if we tried solving problems through dialogue instead of with violence and cruelty? This is just one man’s opinion but I think the world would be much happier if we all had a together breakfast. Let this episode be a reminder of unity and interaction, something we at AAOG stand for above almost all else. Unlike Pearl, Amethyst and the others, strive to carve out time for your friends and loved ones. Not only they but you will be much happier.

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