Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 2 Analysis

Episode 2 of Steven Universe showed us a lot about where Steven comes from and it’s not particularly fancy or special, a single father who himself admits is no one particularly special. Yet something that stuck out to me is that despite this, he still took pride in where he came from and loved his family deeply despite their shortcomings.

Don’t think that we can’t do the same no matter where we came from, if we came from a place of struggle then we can take pride in what those struggles taught us, if we came from a place of peace then we can be glad about the fact that we knew love abundantly and can, therefore, show it abundantly. If we came from poverty then we can share with others the struggles we overcame despite that poverty and show that we can become great despite being born into not so great circumstances.

As Steven and his father are keen on saying, if every pork chop were perfect we wouldn’t have hot dogs! The world is full of pork chops, take a chance on being the less appreciated but more sophisticated hot dog and see where it takes you! In other words, try embracing your heritage no matter how dark. Our heritage is something we’re stuck with but it doesn’t have to define us, however, not letting it define us doesn’t mean we have to discard it either. Learn about your heritage, embrace it, try to see the good in it and if there isn’t any, inject some good into it by the life you live!

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