Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 1 Analysis

Time to delve into the universe of Steven with Steven Universe! See what I did there? Episode 1 was a great episode and I went into it blind so this article might be a bit less informed than others.

Steven at first glance seems like your average teenage boy, he likes something called Cookie Cats to an almost obsessive extent, seems fairly optimistic and friendly and a tad lazy. However, we learn pretty much right off the bat that Steven has something that makes him unique to others, in his belly button he has something called a crystal gem that I must say is pretty cool looking. We also just as soon learn that this gem has led to quite a bit of bullying towards him and yet I noticed that it didn’t phase the pride he took in having something that made him truly unique.

I know full well how much it hurts to have things such as scars, deformities, etc. made fun of but what if we did life Steven does and turned those perceived flaws into our greatest strength? What if we accepted our flaws and turned them into something that could be used to strengthen others and ourselves?

Before Steven even has any known good reason to see his gem as something good he’s already accepted it and later in the series (I assume) he learns to utilize its power and physically use it to protect those around him. Some of us have flaws we can’t use in and of themselves for anything but we can inspire others by showing acceptance of and confidence in our flaws despite the hardships they might bring. Let us follow Stevens’s example and flaunt our supposed flaws to the world and use them to empower others and ourselves by showing that flaws can indeed be strengths!

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