Sol Amphibians NFT Review

Many NFT projects have been proving that they can have a positive impact on the world. Sol Amphibians is a great example. These are some NFT’s you want to check out. This project supports animal foundations, using their earnings for a good cause. But what makes them so special? With their very unique art style collectors can expect to add their favorite amphibian to their NFT gallery. Sol Amphibian gen 0 are 4444 uniquely handcrafted NFT’s that are full of fun and exciting amphibians! 

These adorable Amphibians live on the Solana blockchain! They are handcrafted using AI and algorithmic attributes. In this collection you will come across rare and ultra rare amphibians. Not only are these amphibians perfect for any collector but the community is extremely positive. Over on their Twitter you can expect to see updates all about Sol Amphibians. Recently they just created an amazing website where you can check out their roadmap. On their roadmap you will be updated on what’s to come with their success! 

Alongside their Twitter you can join their Discord server. On the server you can chat with the community, get updates and much more! This server is a great and easy way to stay in touch with the creators of Sol Amphibians. So join today! 

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