SocialAnimal Earth Albert Einstein Art Review

Creators are always searching for a new place to show off their work. The metaverse has been the new hit place and new artists are jumping on with amazing NFT. New designs and ideas are surfacing day by day. Today we are going to chat all about SocialAnimalEarth and what they are bringing to the metaverse. 

Who is SocialAnimalEarth? “We are building and investing in your Mind, Body, and emotions.”  SocialAnimalEarth has many NFTs you need to check out today! If you are looking to expand your gallery in a creative fashion, SocialAnimalEarth has you covered. Let’s talk all about Albert Einstein Serie and what you can expect from this collection.

The design of this series is truly amazing. Pixelated art of the well known Albert Einstein, fans of games like Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda will go crazy for these NFTs. Anyone looking to add a taste of nostalgia to their gallery will definitely need to check out these NFTs. They all have different background colors and accessories making each NFT unique in their own way. You may have Albert Einstein wearing 3D glasses or even holding a cigar the possibilities are endless. 

Similar to the original collection Albert Einstein Serie V3 is coming with more designs and accessories! Be sure to check it out so you don’t miss your next big NFT. SocialAnimalEarth also has a road map you can check out to stay updated with what they plan on doing as they grow. This makes it great for anyone interested in their work because they get to see what SocialAnimalEarth has in store. 

SocialAnimal.Earth Roadmap (2).png

If you are interested in learning more about their work be sure to check out all of their links:










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