RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 4 Analysis

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 4 starts quite tense. We conclude both the tale of Salem and Ozpin also known as Ozma apparently, and discover how Salem came to be so consumed by evil and that Ozpin was actually Salem’s lover in the past. Naturally, Team RWBY reacts pretty horrified to the revelation that the man they trusted with their lives and loved as their teacher was the lover of the one who’s directly caused so much suffering in the world.

Qrow even goes so far as to punch the man who revealed all this to them but it’s Qrow so nothing surprising there. Something that really stuck out to me is they immediately choose to keep going and try to find a solution, “moved or be damned to die in the cold” as Maria puts it. They also declare to choose the high road and not become like their enemies. Life is all about choosing the high or low road and sometimes we have to make that decision after losing our last iota of hope.

Can you imagine team RWBY’s pain? Having to come to terms with the fact that the man who taught them everything, the man they trusted their lives with is quite literally in love with the enemy? Can you imagine the pain of seemingly losing someone they loved so much? I’d wager that most of you probably can actually. Yet the world doesn’t keep spinning because of our grief and we still must choose whether to become like our enemies in our pain or choose a different path.

Will we become the person we hate most or will we choose a better path and continue staying true to who we are? I’ve come to learn that staying true to who you are in spite of terrible often has more than the one good consequence. Who knows, you might even end up understanding and redeeming your enemy.

So I leave you with this, will you chose Team RWBY’s path and stay true to your morals despite your pain and loss, or choose Salem’s and let it change and consume you? Will you let your anger fuel your desire to do good or bad? Think deeply about these questions and the consequences of your actions during these times.

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