RWBY is Leaving YouTube

This was news that I did not expect to hear, but I must report on it. Today, (10/28/2020), Rooster Teeth announced that RWBY, excluding Volume 1 Episode 1, the Red White Black and Yellow Trailer, and a few other things, will no longer be on YouTube. Instead, Rooster Teeth is highlighting their website, mobile app, and soon their TV app. Personally, I have no idea why they did this, however, not my place to judge.

They said on a YouTube Community Post “Got a quick piece of news to share with you all. With our new living room apps coming soon (hint hint, REAL SOON) you’ll finally be able to stream RWBY from your couch on your big screen. In preparation, starting today we’re removing all of RWBY from this YouTube channel and we will not be posting Volume 7 here. All of the episodes and the movie-length completes remain available FOR FREE over on Rooster Teeth dot com. We’re leaving Volume 1 Episode 1 up on the main YouTube channel, as well as the trailers and other fun promotional videos we’ve made over the years on all channels. So if you still haven’t watched volume 7 yet, come to roosterteeth.com and watch it for free. No need to sign up, just enjoy. And don’t forget volume 8 drops a week from Saturday (11/7) for FIRST members!”

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