Rohil’s Indie Game Feels; A Show About Feelings, Indie Games, & The People Who Make Them

Cape Town-creative, Rohil Aniruth, joins forces with the beloved geek-culture site, All Ages of Geek on a new show titled “Indie Game Feels”. The show curates and shares independent games under the premise that games can help build our mental health vocabulary. There is a focus on highlighting BIPOC + LGBTQ developers, both established and those just starting their journeys. The games featured make for an eclectic library of projects that subvert popular genre tropes, including the undeniably cursed and even lewd (no worries, it’s mosaic’d). 

Indie Game Feels won’t shy away from difficult topics but it also doesn’t aim to lecture the audience. It’s a fun, and unapologetically DIY production. Rohil brings a sharp satiric tone to the show, which balances nicely with All Ages of Geek’s inclusive ethos.

All Ages of Geek banner.

Before joining the cast of hosts at All Ages of Geek, Rohil Aniruth worked as a Narrative Designer writing the story and characters for the card game “Infinite Jonathans,” currently on shelves at Barnes & Noble and Walmart.

“Infinite Jonathans” via Breaking Games.

His indie games, serving more as art installations, have been showcased at Babycastles, Playtech, and The Microsoft Technology Center in Time Square. 

Rohil Aniruth’s “Project Endall” at Playtech.

Rohil Aniruth at Microsoft Technology Center.

Rohil’s writing on the intersections of technology, culture & identity is published in Hyperallergic. His recent filmmaking output, a detailing of the international student experience, won Best In Editing and Best Long-form Comedy at Stareable Festival 2020, where he was also a featured guest on the Shutterstock Creative Solutions Panel.  

New host announcement photo, All Ages of Geek.

All Ages of Geek produces an ever-expanding catalog of original video series, podcasts, and watch-a-longs that emphasize audience participation. Indie Game Feels is slated to join the program in mid-November and will stream on the All Ages of Geek website and YouTube channel. 

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