Review: Loki Trailer, A Return of Loki And His Mischievousness?

Loki is back as the Trickster, in his new self-titled series on Disney Plus. The much anticipated 6-episode run sees Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in the hands of the Time Keepers. There is much to unpack from the latest preview, and I have faith this will be an enjoyable series.

If you are a Marvel fan, you have seen Loki since the first Thor movies.  He was somewhat darker, occasionally corrupt and cruel.  It wasn’t until The Avengers movie, when Loki was smashed by the Hulk did audiences start to see a lighter side to this character. In Thor: Ragnarök, we see the “God of mischief” come to his brother’s aid. These moments have made Loki a fan-favorite villain in the MCU.

In this trailer for the Loki series, we’re instantly introduced to the Time Keepers facility and the character Mobius  M. Mobius, a seemingly welcoming agent played by Owen Wilson. It’s quite obvious the Time Keepers know everything about everyone, Including Loki, making them a fascinating next step within the MCU. We can only hope additional revelations will be explained in the upcoming episodes.  Researching the Time Keepers’ lore takes you down a historied rabbit hole of comic book fandom, so the MCU perceptive should be interesting.

The flow of time had changed due to Loki grabbing the Tesseract Tesseract Fandom.com in Avengers: Endgame. Now it is his responsibility to put everything back together again. Anyone that has seen Loki evolve through the years knows one thing that rings true for him, he will always be mischievous and cannot be trusted.

The ending scenes bring on amazing tidbits of visual eye candy. “Is that Black Widow holding Loki’s hand in Vormir? Or did Loki travel back in time to Asgard, possibly to finally sit on the throne?”  At the end of the trailer, it appears that Loki has not changed his ways, you see him with his blades and his collar turned up in defiance of the Time Keepers.  The true Loki is still lurking underneath, and it will be exciting to see him again.  This next chapter in Marvel promises an adventure with one of the most fascinating characters they have ever produced.

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Katie Bolin is a writing intern at All Ages of Geek. You can follow her on Twitter @KatieMarie5Fly.

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