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Watch out world, a new hero is on the rise as Image Comics brings Radiant Black. Science fiction and the superhero origin flourish creating a strong addition to the roster of comic book superheroes. 

The story follows the life of failed novelist Nathan Burnett as his life is transformed into something extraordinary. Kyle Higgins writes a comic book filled with defeat, discovery, and new found purpose. 

When Nathan moves back in with his parents he discovers a source of power with scientific origin. The mystery behind the black sphere and its capabilities remain unknown. Once the black sphere combines with Nathan’s body a surge of superhuman feats unlock with the ability to fly, telekinesis, and so much more to be discovered.  

Artist Marcelo Costa creates beautiful imagery with simple line work, sharp outlines, and vibrant color. The characters have basic details but proper expressions in developing emotion. Backgrounds and objects are given more detail to inflict importance to the surroundings and interactions between scenes. 

The comic book has powerful color tones that amplify the visuals upon each page. A style that appears like fluent markers with a hint of water color creating light fades and reflection. Near the end of the issue sharp hues of black, blue, and red capture the eyes of the reader. All three colors harness the time of day, display of superpowers, and mood of the scenario. 

Image Comics will continue to push Nathan in this ongoing series within the superhero genre. A cliffhanger leaves the reader wanting more as a new threat emerges with similar powers to Nathan but used in a more sinister manner. Discover new abilities and enemies as the power grows stronger in Radiant Black. The series is for people who love superhero stories, science fiction, and redemption. 

Dempsey Blackmon is a staff writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @dempesy_sb17 & Instagram @dempseyblackmon

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