NFTs are gaining traction each day. New creators jump into the metaverse to show their artwork to the world. Some show their photography, others their digital and traditional art pieces. The possibilities as an NFT creator are endless. Today we are going to chat all about PSYCOZ ESPORTS, their designs, who they are and how you can support them.

“The world’s first decentralized crypto esports ecosystem! First ever blockchain esports
organization / total ownership splitted in NFTs!”

PSYCOZ ESPORTS is the world’s first decentralized Web3 crypto esports ecosystem! Here
holders will have complete ownership of the organization making it the first of its kind. Owning these NFTs also gives you real life utilities. These include:

-Revenue splitting from sponsoring deals & tournament prizes
-Airdrop of In-Game skins
-Tournament shirts
-Free Livestreams and team chats
-Free future NFT airdrops
-Gaming house & revenue share of Merch sales AND Exclusive Gaming events and network

With much to come, this new project is going to change the metaverse. NFT collectors and fans of esports have so much to look forward to with PSYCOZ ESPORTS. Be sure to join their
Discord Server if you are interested in learning more about who they are, drops, updates, and
much more! There you will also be able to interact with likeminded people.

This NFT project is going to be HUGE! Collectors who are ready to buy need to jump into this
amazing project before they are all sold out. If you are interested in learning more about their
creative journey, amazing story, and updates be sure to check out all of their links. There you
will be able to support their work. Support PSYCOZ ESPORTS today. You won’t regret it.


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