Otaku Portraits Perfect for the Holidays with Turned Anime

Christmas is around the corner and while some think it is the most wonderful time of the year, others may find it the most stressful! But why?! Well…You may be questioning what to get your friends and family for the holidays but we have the PERFECT solution for you!

If you are shopping for an anime fan you need to check out Turned Anime! But who are they? Turned Anime turns you into your favorite anime character, they work with amazing artists to create the artwork of your dreams! Ever wonder what you would look like as a character from Attack on Titan or Dragon Ball Z? Don’t worry Turned Anime has you covered! No matter what character or style you want your art piece done in Turned Anime can help you out! 

Turned Anime is perfect for the holidays, since the designers give you your artwork in digital form you can turn it into anything! Want to get your best friend a sweater with them as an anime character? No worries Turned Anime makes this possible. Another amazing fact about Turned Anime is they can also make art work with your pets in anime style!

Since there is little under a month left to finish your Christmas shopping, Turned Anime is the perfect place to go to! But why? Well it only takes them two to eight days to complete your artwork. So for our last minute shoppers shopping for anime fans…Contact Turned Anime today!

If you are interested in working with them be sure to visit them on their website and social media!


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Jake Tender

Love it!!

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