One Eye Zombie Apes Review

NFTs are changing the internet day by day. Creatives from around the world put their ideas in
the metaverse and create brilliant NFTs. Today we are going to chat all about One Eye Zombie
Apes. This collection is created by an artist who has been drawing since they were very young.
But first let’s learn more about One Eye Zombie Apes.

“The collection will consist of 10,000 One Eye Zombie Apes NFTs with a very high variability of
elements that make it a unique collection and drawn entirely by hand, which gives it a special
value that other collections do not have. Unique handcrafted NFTS may appear over time and will belong to one of the numbered special editions. These special NFTS they may be legendary units, from the golden series or from some special armageddon or ragnarok, but they will never be massive editions to preserve their identity and special characteristics.”

Over on their OpenSea you can view their amazing designs. Collectors looking to add more
cartoon styled NFTs to their collection should consider checking out what they have to offer. One
Eye Zombie Apes is extremely unique and original. Each piece has great line work and color
choices making them stand out. Collectors will benefit from One Eye Zombie Apes. Over on
their website they even have a highly detailed roadmap that showcases what they will do as
they grow.

Each NFT has their own color choices and effect. Collectors can add more than one One Eye
Zombie Apes to their gallery because of all their designs. For example their piece called One
Eye Zombie Ape Special Gold edition #2 of 10
showcases a brilliant art piece with a gold like
effect over it. The textured piece makes it look like it was painted on a canvas. They even have
a piece called Ape 001. This piece is of a One Eye Zombie Ape. The details in this NFT make it
stand out from the crowd.

Those who want to support One Eye Zombie Apes should consider checking out their social
media pages. There you can stay updated with their collection. They even have their own
Discord Server where you can interact with like minded people. Being in their server is also a
great place to stay if you want to stay updated with all things One Eye Zombie Apes related. Be
sure to check out all of their links to support their work. You will not regret it!

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