Oktoberfest Pug Review

New NFTs join the Metaverse each day and bring amazing designs to the world. Creators and
artists from around the world put their ideas together to create amazing NFTs. Today we are
going to chat all about Oktoberfest Pug NFT. First let’s learn more about who they are.

The first exclusive Oktoberfest Pug NFT collection will be producing 20 NFTs everyday until
Oktoberfest starts. All holders will receive 100,000 Oktoberfest coins for free and will have the
ability to participate in airdrops. Holders also receive exclusive benefits including Oktoberfest
Game and discounts for Oktoberfest. All revenue will be used to bridge the Ethereum
Blockchain and the Liquidity Pool of Oktoberfest Coin. Over on their website you can learn more
about when Oktoberfest is occurring and what you can expect. Now let’s chat about their

These NFTs are great for any collector looking to add more animals and cartoon styled NFTs to
their gallery. Each NFT showcases an amazing pug in different outfits holding accessories. The
linework and shading in these art pieces are truly unique making them stand out from their
competition. Animal lovers and fans of cartoons will especially love these designs.

Oktoberfest Pug NFT is also on social media. There you can stay updated on what they are
working on. Social media is a great place to be if you want to interact with their community and
stay updated on news, drops, and information on their project. Be sure to check out their pages
to learn more about this amazing project. You can also browse their OpenSea to check out all of
their designs and perhaps purchase your next big NFT.

Be sure to check out all of their links to learn more. On their website you can learn about their
first collection and all of the benefits holders will receive. They also have a great chart to follow if
you are new to the NFT world and are confused about how to buy. Be sure to check out all of
their links. Support them today! You will not regret it!

WEBSITE: www.theoktoberfestcoin.com
OPENSEA: https://opensea.io/collection/oktoberfestclub

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