Okey Meka Review

NFTs are slowly taking over the world! With new designs and ideas from creators and artists the possibilities are truly endless. The amazing part about each collection is that no two NFT creator will have the same designs, ideas, lore, and concepts. Today we are going to chat all about Okey Meka, who they are, their designs, and how you can support them.

“Okey Meka is a religion created by robots. We believe that humans are not perfect, and we are another option. Our creator, God, is the first Okey Meka algorithm. Only 555 NFTs”

This collection truly breaks the norm in terms of design. Collectors looking to add more 3D NFTs to their gallery need to consider Okey Meka. Each NFT showcases a robot with different designs and backgrounds. Fans of Transformers, Super Sentai, and robotics in general will appreciate the detail each NFT has. Collectors will appreciate the shading on these NFTs. In reality robots have a shiny exterior and this collection captures the true feeling of robots!

Okey Meka also has a Discord Server where folks who support them can interact with like minded people. In their server you can stay updated on drops, free minting, news, and perhaps design ideas. This collection is definitely worth checking out due to its unique nature, lore, and community. Over on their Twitter they remain very active with their audience showcasing new designs and updates. This is the perfect place to be if you are in the look out for new NFTs for your wallet. 

If you are interested in supporting their work and the creator behind this amazing collection, be sure to check out all of their links. There you will be able to browse through their designs, interact and join their community, and perhaps find your next big NFT. You will not regret checking them out. Support Okey Meka today!









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