NYCC 2021: Chucky Makes His Way to Comic-Con

Chucky is making his way back as the killer doll returns in Syfy’s newest series. Attendees at New York Comic Con were given a treat as they were among the first to see the first episode and the reactions were positive as creator Don Mancini may have another horror hit at his disposal. After seven films, Chucky is making his way to television in a brand new story that goes in a different direction with some new and old faces making their presence known.

After the screening of the first episode, Mancini and actress Jennifer Tilly hit the stage as they talk about their history with the famed horror franchise. For about three decades, Mancini has worked on Chucky since the first film, Child’s Play in 1988. After working on the cult hit Hannibal for NBC, Mancini stated that he had an idea to bring his own creation to the small screen. With the new series, Mancini looks forward to exploring the origin of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer who inhabited the Good Guy Doll and became the famed Chucky. The creator of the horror series is hoping to take the franchise back to its roots with the gore and scares of the original films.

Fans were also in for a bit of a surprise when Chucky star Zackary Arthur and Alex Vincent, who played the original character, Andy Barclay, were among the audience and participated in the panel. Vincent spoke about returning to the franchise once again with Jennifer Tilly and when fans can expect to see them in the series. Mancini gave some credit to the female staff writers that he’s worked with to bring Chucky and the characters front and center. Being part of the LGBTQ community, Mancini stated that he wanted to bring some representation to the series and managed to do just that after casting Zackary and the younger cast.

Since the conclusion of Cult of Chucky, the TV series will expand on the ramifications of what occurred in the last film and hope to explore more of what the franchise has to offer. Catch Chucky when it airs on Syfy and USA on October 12. 

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