NFTs, Solagirls and SOLANA

Mangaka and artists all across the world have jumped onto the NFT hype train. At All Ages of Geek we are highlighting NFT creators to showcase the art behind the artist. Today we’re talking all about Solagirls by SOLANA

The Solagirls are 10,000 hand designed NFT collectibles based on anime, games and movies. This is also the first interactive manga run by NFTs. What does that mean exactly? By owning a Solagirls NFT you are able to access the point of view of their story making it exclusive to you and anyone who owns that NFT. To get even more exclusive this collection will also be discontinued where only a few people in the world get to own these NFTs. 

What’s even more interesting is six of Japan’s legendary and well-known artists in the manga industry have teamed up to anonymously release the Solagirls NFT Collection. Surprises will in fact be a part of the Solagirls launch and is something to keep a watch on. 

Come 2022, Season 1 of the Solagirls video series will be launched. This will only be viewable by a Solagirls NFT Holder. To add more to the list a free edition of the manga will be delivered to each Solagirls NFT Holder. 

So if you’re a fan of anime and a very interactive NFT space, be sure to join the hype around Solagirls and follow their NFT journey into the Metaverse.



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