NFTS, Bond Horses and Charities for Horses

All Ages of Geek has been showing appreciation for the artistry behind NFT’s. Today we are looking at Bond Horses, a group of secret agents who are sauve, cool horses. But who are the Bond Horses?


“2030. The world is sinking into violence. MI6 and the CIA have been destroyed and the number of secret criminal organizations is increasing at a rapid pace. However, 11,111 secret agents from all over the world have gathered to create a new hope: the New Horse Intelligence Service. Their goal? To restore world order. Bond Horses is an NFT collection of 11,111 randomly generated secret agents from over 160 meticulously designed attributes.”

Along with their interesting designs collectors can expect a lot in return. Bond Horses has a road map where they lay out what’s to come the more they grow. For example at 10% “A $30,000 fund is unlocked to help grow  the community as well as the private Discord lounges for all Bond Horses owners. At 20% Bond Horses gives $20,000 to the horse welfare charity voted by the community. What stood out to us the most is this charity aspect and how the Bond Horses community will take part in the charity events to support horses around the world. Collectors can find out what other special perk Bond Horses will release with every goal HERE!

Alongside the amazing perks that come with these NFTs there is also a Discord Server users can join with over 8,000 members! This server allows you to interact with other members of the community as well as receiving updates from the Bond Horses news! You can join the Discord Server HERE!

Bond Horses also has a Twitter and Instagram where they interact with collectors and members of their community. Their social media is a perfect way to stay updated with news, giveaways and updates. 

Interested in these NFTs? Be sure to stay in the loop by following Bond Horses on all their social platforms, joining their Discord Server, and bookmarking their website!

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