Bunnies Cartel Review

Today we are here to chat about Bunnies Cartel and why you should consider joining their Discord Server! But who are they? In the Metaverse a scientist named MadBunny created a carrot mutation that drove all of the bunnies crazy! Eventually they gathered together for some questionable activities. But what makes this project so unique? 

Let’s chat about design. The artwork for these bunnies is very nostalgic. Similar to old cartoons, you can expect to see your next big NFT here. On the blockchain you can expect to find 10,000 randomly generated bunnies. With 180 traits the possibilities at Bunnies Cartel are endless. Any NFT collector should check out these bunnies. Perfect for your bunny-themed or animal NFT gallery. 

But why join their Discord? In their Discord server you can interact with the community. This server is perfect for any collector to join, or NFT creator, because you can chat with the team at Bunnies Cartel. You will be able to stay updated with their news and giveaways! 

On their website you can see a roadmap that helps you see what will happen in the future when they grow. For example you will see new and exciting NFT projects, exclusive rewards, the ability to vote for a charity to donate to, and in game rewards! Be sure to check out their road map over on their website!

Want to support them? Visit all of their links!




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