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Recently All Ages of Geek, LLC has gotten into NFTs and supporting the likes of Manga Token and Purple Penguin, two NFT companies that are providing a positive space for NFTs and creators. Purple Penguin is on a mission to aid climate conservation through crypto, NFTs and blockchain games. Manga Token only supports original manga NFTs and raises awareness to support mangaka, their work and the otaku space overall. 

All Ages of Geek is joining the NFT space, first with launching our NFT Reviews and Promotion Package on Fiverr. This gives creators the opportunity to get SEO, promotion, advertisements and videos all based on digital creators and their NFT work. Our focus is to raise positive awareness about NFTs, the future of climate conservation, promoting creators who have a story behind their work and highlighting NFT, crypto and more Metaverse based companies that are changing the future of interaction.

Our NFT Review and Promotion Package is the start of our journey into NFTs. We have already connected with several creators who all have amazing stories to share. While many people tend to be wary over NFTs and confused over what they are, we hope to enlighten and educate. We’ll raise positive awareness about the impact of NFTs and also help support companies like Purple Penguin to aid climate conservation through the blockchain.

Here are several interviews we’ve done for NFT Creators. Be sure to go and support them!

Pumpkin Punks

James Suret



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