2/28/22: Calling all NFT collectors, investors, artists, entrepreneurs, gamers and digital
enthusiasts out there! NFT LABS is encouraging anyone in the space to join them and
like-minded people for a four day Metaverse event as they educate the world about making
blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible to minorities.

“NFTs bring blockchain to the masses and makes cryptocurrency and blockchain tech more
accessible to minorities so let’s discuss why Diversity & Inclusion matter and what is the role of the players right now in changing the status quo. Join us and learn how Metaverse,
Blockchain, Crypto and NFT are revolutionizing the world the way we know it!”

Diversity & Inclusion has been a current focus in the crypto space. From supporting more
diverse creators to backing projects from women-run crypto companies, NFT LABS is the
place to find all the education you need to discuss the ever-changing venture.

The dates for this event are March 23rd and 30th and then April 6th and 13th. Many amazing
talented women in the crypto space will be speaking at this event. A recent partnership with
Nowhere (https://www.urnowhere.com/), gives attendees a private but personable Metaverse
space where the event will be held. Speakers from around the world will also be on camera
and no one will be hiding behind an avatar making it much more interactive.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be collaborating with Female Tech Leader’s NFT LAB to host the event in NOWHERE. We’re happy to offer multiple types of spaces that will allow for a dynamic and exciting event – stages for great talks, galleries for featured artists, and inspiring rooms for networking. We’re looking forward to this event and hope to support the growth of this community. ” Ana Constantino, co-founder and CEO Nowhere

If you are interested in this event check out their links to stay updated. Over on their website
they list who will be speaking as well. NFT LABS is on a mission to educate and advocate
for Diversity & Inclusion. Join them and enter the crypto space with an open mind for what’s
to come.

WEBSITE: https://www.femaletechleaders.com/nftlab

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